Our Story

We want to encourage kids to be active and explore the world, or maybe just the playground across the street. Anyhow, no adventure is too small or big, we want to be there and protect those little feet whenever they are out on adventures. 

Vincent Shoe was first established in 1999, and the brand has ever since been a well-known brand among families in all of Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

At Vincent Shoes, we are constantly thriving for new, fun and functional design for our products. Within every new season, our shoes come with new great design and colors, at the same time as they protect our little loved ones and their feet from the rainy and windy Scandinavian weather.

kvalitetsskor barn



vinterskor barn märken

stövlar för barn

Our responsibility

Respect, fairness and equality lies close to the heart of Vincent Shoes.

Our suppliers have carefully been selected in order to produce a fair product under equal and fair working conditions. Our aim is to create a shoe that you as a parent will be proud to buy.

Following principles has been implemented by our suppliers in order to create a fair and responsible shoe:
-    Ethical business behavior, whereas our suppliers does not tolerate any acts of corruption, extortion or bribery.
-    No child labor 
-    Occupational health – Our suppliers ensure healthy and safe working environment, assessing risk and taking all necessary measures to eliminate it. 
-    No bonded labor – Our suppliers does not engage in any form of forced or trafficked labor. 
-    No precarious employment – whereas the suppliers hire workers of the basis of documented contracts according to the law.
-    Fair remuneration – The suppliers of Vincent Shoes respect the right of workers receiving fair pay.   

Our shoes have been loved by kids and their parents for almost 20 years, hope you’ll do the same!